Rokesmith is a family-owned business producing online woodworking tutorial videos taught by Paul Sellers.

We are passionate about creating high quality content across all our sites, take a look at our brands below


Rokesmith Ltd is a business built by father and son duo, Paul and Joseph Sellers, to enable Paul to teach a worldwide audience with his woodworking knowledge.

Under Rokesmith, we have several successful brands which all contribute to Paul’s passion to make woodworking accessible to everyone. With a combination of paid and free content across our websites, social media and Paul’s highly successful YouTube channel, we have gained a loyal audience of aspiring woodworkers across the globe.

In 2016 Paul published his first book ‘Essential Woodworking Hand Tools’ which can be purchased on this site.

Started in 2012 Woodworking Masterclasses was our first brand. A woodworking tutorial site which releases weekly project episodes for members to build with Paul. The free membership gives you access to tool and technique videos as well as some smaller projects and the paid membership gives you access to our full video library which includes many projects.

Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog acts as a platform for his online voice. Woodworking is Paul’s passion, and he considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker. Paul’s weekly postings have a large and loyal readership.

This site provides basic woodworking knowledge and techniques to help you build your toolkit as well as building the skills that will help you with future projects. Through tool guides, exercises and easy-to-follow courses, it covers all the basics and aims to get people confident enough to progress onto our more advanced sister site, Woodworking Masterclasses.