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This is the Router Plane Kit to make the Paul Sellers’ Router Plane.

In 2021 Paul Sellers came up with his Router Plane design and in October 2021 on Woodworking Masterclasses and YouTube Paul released videos to show how you too could make one.

You don’t need to buy this Router Plane Kit!

We have released a detailed list of parts you can get off the shelf and instructions on how to make the two custom parts (the blade and retainer bar). That said, if you want to buy the parts all in one place with the custom parts made to a high standard here in the UK then we have you covered!

This is what you can make using the kit. The kit includes the metal parts only.

We asked who would like a kit of the metal parts and many people said they would like one. We are responding to the demand to bring out a kit. If you would prefer to source the parts yourself you are free to do that and we detail what to look out for here.

After months of researching, sourcing and testing we are pleased to release our Router Plane Kit. Inside the custom cutout box you will find  all the hardware needed to make a Paul Sellers Router Plane.

The Router PLane Kit box contains:

  • Hanger Bolts (x5)

    • Zinc plated steel with wood screw and machine thread in equal lengths.
  • Connector Nuts (x2)

    • Zinc plated steel. Connector nuts are used to connect the wooden handles (not included).
  • Retainer Bar (x1)

    • A local engineering company three miles from us made the custom made retainer bar.
  • Blade (x1)

    • The blades are custom made by a manufacturer in Sheffield, England, the home of the steel industry and tool manufacturing.  The basic shape of the router blade is water jet cut from 10mm thick sheets of O1 Tool steel. The blanks are then sent for hardening and tempering in salt baths. Once hard, the blades are surface ground to give the profile for a quality cutting edge which just needs hand honing on arrival and then it will be ready to install in your hand made wooden router plane.
  • Thumb Nuts (x3)

    • The A2 stainless steel is used to smoothly adjust the blade.

“I must admit, I loved the way these actually worked in my designing and making my router plane. Strong and durable and beautiful smooth action.” Paul Sellers


  • Split Washers (x2)

    • These A2 stainless steel split washers allow you to be more precise in the amount of pressure you apply to the retainer bar.
  • Washers (x4)

    • A2 stainless steel

To watch Paul Sellers make the router plane click here and follow along.


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