Using & Sharpening Essential Woodworking Hand Tools (DVDs)

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In Using & Sharpening Essential Woodworking Hand Tools Paul demonstrates the important methods that you need to get started using hand tools. He simplifies the many processes by going back to the basics: Which tools you need, how to get them ready for use, and then how and when to use them. With these core essentials you can begin to craft lasting items in whatever space you have available.

The DVDs are PAL encoded. Please be aware, they may not work in older players in regions where NTSC is the standard format.


About the DVD’s

This three DVD set is divided into two sections. One section covers the selection, preparation and sharpening of the essential hand tools used in woodworking. In the other section, Paul demonstrates the techniques used commonly by crafting artisans for centuries, in using these hand tools.

The tools covered in this DVD set are:

Sharpening & Sharpening Equipment
Sharpening Stones
The Sharpening Strop
Sharpening Files
The Sawset
The Burnisher

Layout Tools
The Square
The Tape Measure
The Layout Knife
The Sliding Bevel

Chisels & Gouges

Bench Planes
The Spokeshave
The Plough Plane
The Router Plane

The Handsaw
The Coping Saw

Scraping & Abrading Tools
Rasps & Files

Boring & Drilling Tools
The Brace & Bits
The Hand Drill
The Square Awl

The Chisel Hammer
The Joiner’s Mallet
The Steel Hammer

About the Presenter

This DVD is presented by the renowned woodworking teacher Paul Sellers. Paul trained as a woodworker through an apprenticeship that started in 1965. He has taught thousands of people woodworking through courses in the US and UK. He is an advocate for his craft and has reached many more people by recording instructional videos of woodworking techniques and broadcasting them via the internet. Paul is dedicated to ensuring that woodworking is an accessible craft that anyone can enjoy.

Paul writes and presents videos on woodworking that are intended to provide accessible instruction to those who will likely never be able to go through apprenticeship training as he did. Although Paul has earned a living as a woodworker, for most of his working life he refers to himself as an ‘amateur woodworker’ because, like those he teaches, he still does it primarily for love of the craft.

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